24 January 2010


Some one said:
"WITHOUT GOD... our week would be:
Sinday, Mournday, Tearsday, Wasteday, Thirstday, Fightday, Shatterday,
Seven days without God - Makes one Weak!

However, the religious conveniently forgets that the English (Anglo-Saxon) weekdays is based on Pagan Gods which have long be forgotten.[source]
Modern English day nameOld English day nameEnglish day name meaningGlossed from Latin day nameLatin day name meaning
MondayMōnandæg"Moon's day", personified in related Norse mythology as the god MániDies Lunae"Day of the Luna", the personified moon in Roman mythology
TuesdayTiwesdæg"Tiw's day"Dies Martis"Day of Mars"
WednesdayWōdnesdæg"Woden's day"Dies Mercurii"Day of Mercury"
ThursdayÞūnresdæg"Thunor's day"Dies Iovis"Day of Jupiter"
FridayFrigedæg"Frija's day"Dies Veneris"Day of Venus"
SaturdaySæturnesdæg"Saturn's day"Dies Saturni"Day of Saturn"
SundaySunnandæg"Sun's day", personified as the goddess Sól/Sunna among other Germanic peoplesDies Solis"Day of the Sun", the sun is personified as Sol in Roman mythology

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