30 September 2011

Religion is like a penis

It is fine to have one.
It is fine to be proud of it.
But please don't whip it out in public and start waving it around.
And PLEASE don't try to shove it down my children's throats.

28 September 2011

13-Year-Old Saudi Girl Sentenced to 90 Lashes and Jail For Bringing a Cell Phone to School

Click on the title to see the youTube video.

That's how Islam treats women!

Saudi woman sentenced to lashes for driving

Just after the announcement of allowing women to vote and be elected, here comes the reality.

27 September 2011

Voting rights for Saudi women

But will their women's votes count as half of men's?

09 September 2011

The book of Genesis

Or here.

Lee Cronin: Making Matter Come Alive - TED2011

Pastor Forces Rape Victim To Apologize To Church

08 September 2011

The Certainty Trap

Christians have created a little trap for people of reason. It is a way they can attack us for whatever answer we give. It is an interesting new rhetoric that I am starting to hear them use more and more. I will call it “The Certainty Trap.”

Yes, this is quite a common tactic. Staks suggests

This is where we have to take the time to explain the difference between absolute certainty and reasonable certainty.

I have tried this approach. Christians are not able to understand the difference between "absolute certainty" and "reasonable certainty". My approach is to ask them write down the characteristics of their god on a piece of paper. Ask them again to make sure the characteristics of their god is their final version. Almost 10 out of 10, things like their god is all loving, kind, all knowing etc. Once it is on paper, then I would ask them to turn to their bible and use their bible to point out the characteristics on that piece of paper were all wrong. Usually, I cannot finish the list before they give up. That's kind of cool!

In Superstition We Trust

By Pat Condell

I would almost agree with everything, except that by the time an atheist in USA can actually be elected as their president in couple of hundred years, USA will NOT be the most powerful on Earth.

Happiness made simple

Personally, I think the first Ad.

Preacher anger

I am proud that common sense of common people is here to protest these preachers. The best way to handle these preachers is to completely ignore them.

05 September 2011

Symphony of Science - A Wave of Reason

Which is more offensive? Which is more deserving of a Christian’s disgust and damnation?

An artist puts a penis on a poster of Jesus and on a symbol of the Christian cross. A priest puts a penis inside the mouth and vagina of a 17-year-old girl.

In the first case, the "conservative Catholics...were furious. They wanted heads to roll — at least Mideo’s [the artist] — and heads to resign — whoever was in charge of displaying Mideo’s blasphemy."

For the second case, what the priest [Fr. Raul Cabonce of St. Anne Parish in Tubay, Agusan del Norte.] "got was a transfer to a different diocese, far away from his former servant and sexual object, safe and comfy in a Bishop’s palace." SO THAT HE CAN CONTINUE TO RAPE OTHERS...

Which is more offensive? Which is more deserving of a Christian’s disgust and damnation?

Sharia Law - "She's buried chest high"

sharia law

she's buried chest high
her arms can't stop the stones that fly
or wipe the tears that have already dried
for a crime she so persistently denied
she's buried chest deep
the moderates asleep
no matter how hard she weeps
worth half of a man, her testimony's cheap
Allah subhana wa taala has come up with such a fair rule
dictators of history couldn't be so cruel
told by mohammed sallahu 3alhe wa salam
teaching us allah's divine referendum
what becomes of those who have a sip of rum
drinks to forget or wants to be numb
or those who play the game of chance
poker buddies escaping the religious trance
allah's prescribed in his merciful script
their flesh be ripped their blood be dripped
at the tip of a muslims whip

she's buried chest high
her arms can't stop the stones that fly
or wipe the tears that have already dried
for a crime she so persistently denied
and this is allah's eternal reply
1400 years of backwards law
a tragic flaw of the primitive claw
the tribe of homosexuals
koum lot as they say
sharia is clear on how they should pay
the price for their gay display
life doesn't matter which way
abu baker got them with a tumbling wall
ali muhammad's cousin and son in law
had people burned for their sexual call
an entire village children and all

she's buried chest deep
the moderates asleep
no matter how hard she weeps
worth half of a manher testimony's cheap
apostates remember those who have bled
to speak the word Muslims leave unsaid
killed for the sake of those mislead
submit now or be left dead
allah subhana wa ta3ala has come up with such a fair rule
the devil himself couldn't be so cruel

she's buried chest high half way deep
while the moderates are still fast asleep
while the world stands silent
her testimony's cheap.
stones thrown by religious sheep.
witches were burned long ago
til the flame of freedom began to glow
and we learned to say the word 'no'
no know that your laws are unjust
not worthy of respect only disgust
beheading those with a knifes thrust
oh but in Allah we blindly trust

she's buried head high
in a heap of stones.
no more crying no more moans
all that's left is skin and bones
Allah has come up with such a fair call
the true justice of sharia law

by nessrriinn.

Ex Muslim Wafa Sultan exposes Muhammad and Islam

Age of Reason vs Islam

04 September 2011

Christopher Hitchens ridicules Biblical Miracles!

Miracle, by definition is the suspension of natural laws to favour someone. When you see a miracle with your own eyes, think about this. Is it more likely that you have been mistaken? or the miracle did happened? When it is reported by non eye-witness, what should be your level of skepticism towards such a report? To help you think about this, watch this. or this Now, this is sawing a girl is half a miracle?

03 September 2011

Catholic Inquisition and Torture

Here is another video of the horror done by the Catholic Church in the name of a god. Berean Beacon - Catholic Inquisition Torture (2007).wmv

The Atheists National Registry of Child-abusing Christians

In response to the above demonic call from a "pastor", I urge atheists to set up a list of child-abusing Christians.

What does god look like?

Free speech and from religious influence

I wrote about this (teacher's name was Jerry Buell) previously.

My position was that the board has over stepped the line when a private face book post was the reason for suspension. I also posited that no one should bring his/her private belief into a classroom. Friendly Atheist got hold of a syllabus from Buell. Man, he should be banned from any teaching at any school for as long as he still subjects his students to his private belief.

01 September 2011

Spanish Inquisition, the Brutal Truth

When it was ruled by the Church, people suffered. The same would hold true today. Religion is a form of control. It is a drug of the mind. The weak embraces religion to their own peril.

Here is a document of the same title.