08 September 2011

The Certainty Trap

Christians have created a little trap for people of reason. It is a way they can attack us for whatever answer we give. It is an interesting new rhetoric that I am starting to hear them use more and more. I will call it “The Certainty Trap.”

Yes, this is quite a common tactic. Staks suggests

This is where we have to take the time to explain the difference between absolute certainty and reasonable certainty.

I have tried this approach. Christians are not able to understand the difference between "absolute certainty" and "reasonable certainty". My approach is to ask them write down the characteristics of their god on a piece of paper. Ask them again to make sure the characteristics of their god is their final version. Almost 10 out of 10, things like their god is all loving, kind, all knowing etc. Once it is on paper, then I would ask them to turn to their bible and use their bible to point out the characteristics on that piece of paper were all wrong. Usually, I cannot finish the list before they give up. That's kind of cool!

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