02 January 2010

Pope© is now copyrighted

The Vatican made a declaration on the protection of the figure of the Pope on Saturday morning. The statement seeks to establish and safeguard the name, image and any symbols of the Pope as being expressly for official use of the Holy See unless otherwise authorized. [source]

Bloggers are puzzled about the reason behind the move. May I purpose a reason.

To effectively control the image of the product sold by a business, including the reputation of the product, it is common for business to protect the name of the product through the use of trademarks and copyright. Churches are business, profit generating business. Seeing the competition increasing (various christian churches and islam competition in the same space) and shrinking market size (increasing number of people becoming atheist against their god), it is a natural knee-jerk reaction from a business point of view to protect the business's image - which is represented by the Pope in the case of the Vatican.

Any other possible reason? Please leave in the comment.

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