01 January 2010

Guess What’s Wrong

Makarios asked what was wrong with the following statement:
Natural sciences are completely evidence-based. Natural sciences demonstrate their conclusions only by appealing to that evidence. Evidence and evidence alone is what natural science uses to determine “truth.

He continued to give some clues... which eventually led to the great reveal. OHG (Oh his god), the above statement was wrong BECAUSE Richard Dawkins made it.

A statement is true if it is true no matter who said it. A statement is wrong if it is wrong no matter who said it. A statement which is wrong is wrong no matter how many times the statement may have been repeated - although the perception of *some* people may have changed due to the repetitions. I feel sorry for those who were influenced by repetition.

Sciences are evidence-based. Period. Yes, some less than honourable people may distort/create evidences to support their claims. The spirit of science is evidence and about the physical realm, no imaginary god or magic. Human advances have been powered by scientific discoveries - despite continuous hindering from the religious establishments.

If one does not understand science, say so. One may be laughed at, but at least one is honest. The best approach is to put in the effort and learn. The power is in knowledge - real useful evidence-based repeatable demonstrable solid knowledge. Falling prey to superstitions is a sad state. Spreading falsehood and unsupported claim is a stupidity. Deliberately and intentionally spreading falsehood and unsupported claims is a crime to humanity. If there were a god, the god should be the first to condemn these people to "finite" punishment in hell proportional to the damage that have been made due to the deliberate act.

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