11 January 2010


Mined from the comments:

How is Christianity superior to Hinduism? As a Hindu, I find nothing miraculous in the stories of Jesus Christ's divinity, they are commonplace in my religion.

Besides, our creation story is much more fantastic and beautiful, a vastly superior work of literature than Genesis (which reads like it was written by a 10 year old). - Homomorphic

We don't hate Christianity at all, well at least I don't.

But I do hate when it stands in the way of learning and enlightenment, which is so often does.
I do hate when it stands in the way of science and education, which it so often does.
I do hate it when it spouts dogma and mythology as fact, which it so often does.
I do hate when it espouses slavery, murder and discrimination as acceptable components of modern society.
I do hate it when it declares obsolete philosophical concepts like thought crime legitimate, which it so often does.
I do hate it when it denounces every other faith, religious position, and philosophy as evil, which it so often does.
I hate it when it indoctrinates the immature and the uneducated with hate against homosexuals, other races and other lifestyles. - Chris

Why your beliefs should be granted special status over any other arbitrary set of beliefs is beyond me. The very idea of being accountable to God, who is no more than a metaphor for the Unknowable, & whose existence is completely implausible, is not within the purview an atheist's thinking. - fullcircle

"Nonsensical logic?" Man, that's rich. Here we have a guy who believes he's going to fly like a bird when the Rapture comes, who believes the first woman came out of a rib, and believes that our 4.5 billion-year-old planet was created by an invisible rabbi from 2000 years ago, and he's calling atheists unintelligent and nonsensical. Now THAT'S funny! - captain howdy

Christian pigs trample the pearls of science that have given them the best lives ever experienced on planet earth. - Froggie

"Lurker...this will make you mad, but here goes: I have (for two years) spoken daily about the most precious thing in the universe, and you have no idea nor appreciate its worth in the slightest--the same was a pig wouldn't appreciate a precious pearl. Get it?"

I get it, Ray. Pigs have no reason to appreciate pearls, as they are useless to a pig. Humans appreciate pearls, and call them precious, because they are pretty. Were it not for this aesthetic value, pearls would simply be a waste by product of mollusks. Does this reflect negatively upon the pig?

Perhaps there are people who view your religion in a similar fashion - pretty to look upon, but ultimately useless. What a sorry state we pigs are in; we fail to see the necessity to adorn ourselves with gaudy jewellery. - Prester John

What you consider to be the most precious thing is a mere phantasm (a creation of the imagination or fancy; fantasy). You preach of sin, judgment and salvation, yet your belief is based on nothing more than personal revelation, personal interpretation, and personal faith. Nothing tangible, nothing demonstrable, nothing justifying conversion.

A pearl can be examined to determine whether it is precious or not. The pearls you cast are not precious, they are non-existent. - Benjamin Franklin

Ridiculous ideas, by definition, are deserving of ridicule. That's whether they come out of the mouth, or from the typing fingers, of a christian, a muslim, a hindu, or, by the way, an atheist.- Me

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