11 January 2010

USA politics, conspiracy and religious right

USA is meant to be a democracy which demonstrates how common people can collective build a society and its government for the common good. But there are many phenomena puzzling me.

1. Healthcare in USA is number one as long as you can afford it. People filing bankruptcy just to pay for their health! It would sound to be ridiculous if was false. Unfortunately, it is true.
2. How can the leading economy in the world can have a population over 40% of whom literally believe that the Universe only existed about 10,000 years ago? How can a majority of them still believe in the myths from old books written about 2000 years old by some uninformed men in the desert? How can being religious is viewed as possession higher moral values than those who look at the evidence and base their actions on compassion and empathy?
3. How can democracy give us a leader who brought his own country into war with false pretence? How can that society not proceed with its legal process to put those who have committed crime against humanity, its own laws and international law to justice?
4. Human has moved mountains, cleared forests, blocked rivers and built dams and cities. If we believe that we have done it, why is it so difficult to think that during these processes, we have also changed the earth's climate? Human has changed the surface of the earth! Changing the atmosphere was just the by-product.
5. How can nations which are responsible for the climate change, not take up the responsibility and act co-operative with the rest of the humanity? How can selfishness and greed become celebrated?
6. Is dictatorship any worse than democracy? Is democracy any worse than dictatorship?

ps Does repeating the same lie many times make it true? "We had no domestic attacks under Bush; we've had one under Obama," Giuliani said on ABC's Good Morning America. [source] WOW! What is 9/11?

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