25 January 2010

Unquotable Quote

Scientific concepts exist only in the minds of men. Behind these concepts lies the reality which is being revealed to us, but only by the grace of God. – Wernher Von Braun

What lead to men landing on moon? Science
What lead to commercial GPS? Science
What lead to mobile phone (cell phones as they are known in USA)? Science
What lead to you able to read this post? Science
What lead to you able to visit another countries in days? Science

Science is an understanding of the physical reality in which we survive. Unlike god, an human invention, Science works by adopting a rigorous scientific process. Science is based on evidence, observable, repeatable, measurable data. Scientists think and do real work. Religious pray and pray. That's the difference!

What has god ever revealed to human? Nope!
What has religion brought to us? wars, sufferings and discriminations!

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