28 January 2010

Can someone explain this to me, please?

Ross Douthat have an opinion piece on today's New York Times and wrote:

It’s true that there are plenty of stories in the Bible — including Sodom and the Flood — that line up more closely with what Dawkins wants to call the “true Christianity” of Pat Robertson’s remarks. But — and this is important — the Christian religion is not identical to the Bible. It’s a faith based on the Bible, as read in the light of reason and (or so Christians believe) under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Catholics emphasize the Church’s authority to interpret scripture, while Protestants emphasize the individual believer’s authority — but both reject the fundamentalist conceit that no interpretation is necessary, and that every passage is equally transparent and every story carries equal weight.

Here is the problem of the 'liberal christians'. On what basis does liberal christian interpret the bible? According to Ross, in the light of reason and under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

The first part I can understand. We reason. We have trust in evidence. We have compassion and are able to understand other's suffering and misfortune.

The second part is really abstract. Inspired by Holy Spirit. How, may I ask, the holy spirit will render itself to inspire us? In dreams? During Hallucination? Through those who know god?

This second part is totally meaningless unless someone can point out to me in concrete steps how the holy spirit inspires us.

The fact is, the liberal christians have come to the understanding that the god in OT is really bad and nasty. It is impossible to follow its commandments without breaking today's moral code. Jesus seems to be slightly better, but still there are things which we morally will feel guilty if we follow as Jesus teachings demand. So liberal christians based their moral actions on their own moral code. To justify the chosen action, liberal christians cherry-pick the verse which suits the situation. It is just like a child wanting an expensive toy, the reasons of buying the toy are made to justify the desire for the toy. The decision has been made before finding the justification.

The bible is literal, except when it is metaphorical. It is scientific, except when it is spiritual. It is a moral guide, except when it is historical. It is the words of god except when Satan has changed it. - MollyKnits

This is so convenience!

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