10 January 2010

Afraid of god

If god is really as powerful and all knowing as some try to make us believe, why god needs us to be afraid of him/her/it?

The reason behind this question is that if god is really as powerful etc, there is no intrinsic motivation for god to need us to be afraid of him. As the end of day, god can do whatever god likes anyway. Why how human thinks would be of any interest to the all mighty god?

The real answer is that those who benefit from propagating such a falsehood are afraid of the followers when they know the truth - that there is no god. In order to create a cohesion among a group (and hence a continuous source of income without doing hard work), one of standard techniques is to create fear, another is to create an external enemy.

Why an almighty god needs anything from us? Because those who benefit from the falsehood is greedy and wants everything from the followers.

Religion is the greatest crime against humanity - created wars, created fear, create false hope, waste time in senseless rituals, don't pay tax, dumb the people, hinder scientific progress, hinder moral development, rob the poor,....

When will humanity be enlightened?

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