26 January 2010

John Freshwater, Gay Bashing Science Teacher, Burned Crosses into His Students' Arms

I don't know what to say - the American education system is dead wrong! [information on wikipedia]

Science teacher does not believe in evolution.
Science teacher burnt crosses to kids' arms.
For 15 months, the school district cannot set him.
The family got $5,000 while the men in suit got $115,000 out of the district's public purse.

What a system!

Even more ridiculous is the support this "teacher" was getting. Disgusting!

Update [posted 4th Feb, 2010]: the Columbus Dispatch reported the Freshwater is filing a counter-claim and seeking $500,000 in compensatory damages and $500,000 in punitive damages.... Freshwater contends that the defendants violated his constitutional right to free speech, discriminated against him based on religion and defamed him through the investigative report. The saga goes on...

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