26 January 2010

AASFSHNR anthem nomination

martinWEAREFIRST posted a request for nomination of an anthem to the Atheists, Agnostics, Skeptics, Freethinkers, Secular Humanists and the Non-Religious team at Kiva.org. Just in case you don't know, AASFSHNR team is the largest lending team at Kiva. The team passed that US$1,000,000 mark last October. It is almost at USD$1.5M as I write.
To all fellow AASFSHNRists:
This team has the longest name in the universe. That is good, because it was written by our most loved Prophet and Team Captain, and it is The Word, never to be changed or interpreted, under risk of blasphemy.
BUT THIS TEAM DOES NOT HAVE AN ANTHEM!! (and that is bad, and we should strive to change!)
I am hereby submitting, for a team wide vote, Danny Michel's "If God Is On Your Side (who's on mine?)" Listen at:


Further nominations will be accepted for the next 6 days. We rest on the seventh. Then the votes will start.

If there are no further nominations at the end of 6 days, a vote will still be required. If a majority of 50% plus one, of the votes cast, are in favour of making this song the official AASFSHNR anthem, I am sure Our Prophet, who unlike other prophets we heard about, respects the democratic will of his congregation, will post a link on the web site pointing to this song.

May Apollo (greek god of music), Minerva (the roman goddess who invented music) and Saint Cecilia (patron saint of all musicians) help us in this momentous decision.

Since several songs have been nominated. Here they are (including Danny Michel's)
Danny Michel's "If God Is On Your Side (who's on mine?)

Tim Minchin: If You Open Your Mind Too Much Your Brain Will Fall Out

Leftöver Crack - Atheist Anthem

Super Furry Animals - God! Show Me Magic! :

Super Furry Animals -Run! Christian, Run!

XTC-Dear God

John Lennon- Imagine

If more is nominated, I will add to this list.

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