03 January 2010

Science vs religion

Adapted from source

Belief in supernaturalNo place for supernatural beliefs
Usually include god(s)Does not accept god without evidence of its existence
Essence is miracle (frequently in the form of heresy)No miracle
Based on revelationBased on well developed methodology
Makes predictions that cannot be tested, e.g. astrologyMakes testable predictions
Static - once formed never changesDynamic - evolves continuously
Truth represents the opinion of its leadersTruth is not somebody’s opinion. It can be independently verified, tested and validated.
No built-in correctionSelf correcting, wrong ideas are constantly replaced by new ideas which can be tested and verified
Questioning is not permissibleQuestioning is fundamental
God has answer for everything (but the answer does not lead to any demonstrable benefit)Scientists do not have any hesitation to admit that they don’t know
Divides the peopleUnites the people
Driven by emotionGuided by logic

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