04 February 2010


Being a Christian is also more than an intellectual belief in the Genesis account of creation, where we are told that God created man in His own image--morally cognizant, and as male and female. To believe in the theory of evolution, which says otherwise, is to call God a liar. - Ray Comfort

Since god does not exist, there is no way to call a non-existing object a liar. However, this christian attitude is doing a lot of harm to the education of the American's next generation. The gay bashing science teacher John Freshwater is a case in mind. He, most likely, has the best intention for his students. Unfortunately, he was unable to contain his personal belief personally and has chosen to preach in his classroom.

The religious interference with Science is not new.
Historical examples of religious individuals or institutions promoting claims that contradict both contemporary and modern scientific consensus include creationism, the Roman Catholic Church's opposition to heliocentrism from 1616 to 1757 including the Galileo affair, and more recently, Pope Benedict XVI's 2009 statements claiming that the use of condoms to combat the AIDS epidemic in Africa was ineffective and counterproductive. Additionally, long held religious claims have been challenged by scientific studies such as STEP, which examined the efficacy of prayer. A number of scientists including Jerry Coyne have made an argument for a philosophical incompatibility between religion and science. An argument for the conflict between religion and science that combines the historical and philosophical approaches has been presented by Neil Degrasse Tyson -- Tyson argues that religious scientists, such as Newton, could have achieved more had they not accepted religious answers to unresolved scientific issues. [source]

The physical reality is the base for our existence and survival. Our biological body is based on the material that is provided by the physical realm. Science is the study of the physical reality - nothing more and nothing less. Science operates with transparency and bases on evidence. If science and religion are contradictory, science is more likely to be the truth. At least the self-correcting nature of science will gradually find out the truth - instead of being struck with dogmas laid down thousand of years ago by men who were less knowledge than us.

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