15 February 2010

Victimless crime

Disclaimer: I do not endorse children abuse. I condemn sexual exploitation of minors.

Having put up the disclaimer, I must also say that I respect adults having private sexual fantasy in whatever kind as long as such fantasy are NOT forced upon non-consensual adults AND NOT performed with minors. Conviction of Christopher Handley, the Iowa man, being accused of possession of comic drawings of children being sexually abused is just wrong!

First of all, the manga are drawings - fantasy! No child was involved in the drawing nor the production. Handley was convinced of possession of such drawing - as one of the commenter on Boing Boing correctly pointed out, what about the person who drew the pictures? What about those who think about drawing such pictures?

I can understand photographs with minor being sexually abused should be banned, and rightly so. Such photograph would have been made sexually abusing minors. If possession of such photograph is banned, the photographer should bear most of the guilt.

I think a thin line has been crossed. Thoughts are not the same as actions. There is a big difference. Imagination is imagination. Imagination is not real.

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