13 February 2010

Science by religion

Archbishop Gianfranco Ravasi, head of the Pontifical Council for Culture, said while the Church had been hostile to Darwin's theory in the past, the idea of evolution could be traced to St Augustine and St Thomas Aquinas. [source]

Clergy and lay members of the Church [of England] said it was perfectly possible to believe in God and Darwin's theory of evolution, and said that religion can explain areas of existence that science cannot. [source]

In a way, these are good news, the two of the largest christian religion churches are acknowledging the truth of Darwin's evolution theory. While I cannot find the reason for the Catholic church why they did that, the reason of the acknowledgement from the church of England are less than convincing.

Peter Capon, a lay member of Synod from Manchester diocese who tabled the Private Member’s Motion on the compatibility of science and religious belief, said that Christians believe the world exists because of the will of God whereas atheists consider this to be a “complete delusion”.

He went on: “We wish to refute the idea promoted by atheist scientists that science is on the side of the atheist in answering these sorts of questions.

"We wish to refute the perception that you have to choose between science and faith.

"We wish to refute the crude caricature of faith, as being blind and irrational, propagated by some atheist scientists." [my emphasis]

Show us the evidence that christian belief and evolution theory are compatible! Wish can be just a wish. Without any proof or evidence, I will consider these just PR stunts. What I am seeing are actions of the large churches trying to regain members [read customers] lost to the smaller, more vocal creationist churches.

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