11 February 2010

What has god created?

If there were a christian god, what has s/he created?

1. Let us take Genesis metaphorically. The world and universe as it was 6000 years ago with all the tricks(fossils, galaxies at large distances, light ray coming from distant). What would be his purpose for all such illusion?

2. Let us take Genesis more metaphorically. S/he created the singularity which caused the big bang. From that moment onwards, S/he waited for 14.7 billion years before appearing before some men in the desert near the middle east to tell them he created everything. Why he waited so long? Why did he not go to China - a more civilized society at that time? Why did he not write the bible himself, instead of telling these men and has the story passed down as hearsay? If he thought human needed a saviour, we need another now. Why he does not send one today? The new saviour does not need to be born. Just pick a large city, has the saviour decent from heaven in day light in front of as many as possible. Repeat in other cities if necessary to convince as many as you like. Is it not what the god has always wanted?

The christian god is so illogical it would take only the religious to believe. But the world has plenty of those!

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