18 February 2010

Stupidity and clear thinking compared

Rabbitpirate said...Let's play 'One of these things is not like the others'. Ok here we go: 1. Trust in Doctors, 2. Trust in Banks, 3. Trust in Pilots, 4. Trust in Mechanics, 5. Trust in God. Which of those things is not like the others? And the answer is....Number 5, Trust in God. All the others are based upon some form of evidence that allows them to demonstrate that they are trustworthy. A untrustworthy Bank would not get much business. An untrustworthy doctor would not get a lot of patients. However with God the trust is not based upon evidence but upon faith. You have faith that God is worthy of trust.
Ray Comfort:
RabbitPirate...I ask respectfully--what planet do you live on? You said that "an untrustworthy doctor would not get a lot of patients." Don't you know that doctors bury their mistakes? Medical mistakes are the eighth leading cause of death in the U.S.

You said that an untrustworthy bank would not get much business. They don't need it. They get bailouts.

Do you trust pilots? Did you know that most plane crashes are caused by “pilot error”?

Then there's your faith in car mechanics and manufacturers. Do you have faith in Toyota's mechanics?

You trust everyone but God, and yet He has never let one person down, ever. He is utterly faithful. If you don’t trust Him, that is a flaw in your character, not His.

However, I can think of no greater example of misplaced trust than the faith that believers have in the theory of evolution. They are an example of "blind" faith, with no need for any empirical evidence. The only "evidence" they have is a belief that what they have read or have been told, is true.

Cool, Ray used one of my comments for his post on my birthday, awesome.

Ok that aside. I never claimed that doctors, banks, pilots etc were perfect. I know that they are flawed and makes mistakes, that was in no way the point I was trying to make.

My point was, however badly I may have made it, that there is a big difference between trusting your doctor and trusting God.

For a start I have no doubt what so ever that my doctor actually exists. I have met him, shaken his hand, spoken to him. I have seen his medical licence and I could, if I wanted, research his career. I can do all of this first hand and get an actual response to my questions.

Also a doctor who constantly failed to do his job would have to account for their failures. In the UK, where I am, a doctor who constantly harms people is held accountable for those actions. If others believe him to be in the wrong then he is made to explain his actions, to justify why he did x instead of y and made to provide evidence that his action was the right one and that the negative outcome was neither intentional or the result of a failure on his part. Again evidence, and not just faith, is required.

This is NOT the same with God. For a start I can not, in any meaningful way, even prove that God exists. Now I know you "know" he does but as of yet you have provided no reason why we should just take you at your word on this. Millions of people all over the planet "know" that other Gods exist and yet you do not see this as evidence for their existence, so why should we see the same argument as valid just because the God in question is the one you believe in?

To even believe in God in order to trust him requires faith. I do not need faith to believe that my doctor exists.

You trust everyone but God, and yet He has never let one person down, ever. He is utterly faithful.

Seriously? Can you say Haiti? Oh sorry I forgot they were in league with the devil so it doesn't count.

How about all the people who have prayed to God for rescue from some terrible situation and have been given death as a reply? When two or more are gathered and all that. Anyone who asks in my name, ring a bell. The Bible seems very clear that if you ask in Jesus' name then your prayers will be answered. No where does it say that the answers might be yes, no or wait as Christians often claim. Heck my bedside lamp can answer prayers like that.

How about all those people born into other religions who have never heard the gospel and so die without repenting and finding Jesus and so go to hell? Did God not let them down by not getting the gospel to them?

But you know what, I will accept your claim at face value. Your God has never failed anyone, but then neither has Zeus for the exact same reason.

Who is thinking logically and clearly and who is not? You judge!

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