29 October 2009

To save you from typing, here is the text mentioned in the video. Print it out and have some glue handy. Next time when you see a bible, stick it to the inside front page. Have fun.

An atheist is one without a belief in, or one who lacks a belief in the existence of God or Gods.

Since there is no empirical proof that this God or any God exists, we invite you to enjoy reading the bible as a fictional work using a rational, enlightened and open mind.

Feel free to watch shows such as
"The Atheist Experience"
or read Richard Dawkin's
"The God Delusion"
to help give you the proper context for a greater understand of God and Religion.

We also hope you understand that this is a religious text made up of a number of stories and myths but remember, it is not a scientific text.

So enjoy your fictional bible reading experience!

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