10 October 2009

Church is a business ... for the parishioners

Correct me if I am wrong. This is what I read from a post in Kiva's forum.
All money collected in the donation basket at any church goes to the church. So it's not a charitable donation at all, it's a very selfish donation. The church mostly serves it's parishioners, not the community. Most of the good work that churches do in the community comes from volunteers from the church and targeted money that is solicited separately for that particular need, whether a Christmas Drive or a Food Drive. However, to qualify for the tax free status, churches are supposed to demonstrate that they do work in the community that benefits the community. As long as they do that, they can keep every last dime that goes in the collection basket to build a mansion if they want to, and, which they mostly do. - Mai Dao-Horton

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