12 October 2009

Evolution Vs Creation

Bill O'Reilly makes it clear that he is a religious fool. He does not understand logic.

In the interview of Richard Dawkins, he made three obvious logical fallacies.

1. There is no logical linkage between moral and the origin of Universe, be it via a Big Bang or god created in 7 days. They are totally separate issue. Granted part of the teaching of religion is about absolute morality, still raising two separate issues in the same breadth is a demonstration of the lack of clear thinking ability. Furthermore, Christopher Hitchens has, in his book "God is not great", demonstrated clearly how religion has poisoned everything.

2. Science is a discipline based on evidence, logic and repeatable observations. If science does not explain something at this point in time, there is no reason to throw in another substitute which is NOT based on the same principles into science classes. Creationism has been rejected in USA court already. Still insisting on teaching creationism in USA classroom is both morally corrupt and lawfully guilty.

3. Bill accused Richard of fascism because Dawkins opposed the teaching of religious BS in science class. That's absurd! Even me, someone with no knowledge in political science understand that is an authoritarian ideology. The USA court has ruled against teaching of creationism. If anyone is "fascist" according to Bill, it would be his own country's judges. BTW, it is NOT true that christian is a major. And majority view is NOT necessarily the true and correct view either.

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