31 October 2009

Atheism vs. Christianity

All the comments are too easily reputed:
# Atheism does not have missions to feed the hungry.
# Atheism does not have programs to give shelter to the homeless.
# Atheism does not trouble itself to help the poor or give to the needy.
# Atheism does not clothe the naked or visit the imprisoned.

None of the above is true. There IS non-religious based organisation aimed/tasked to help, e.g. Red Cross, Amnesty International!
# Atheism does not give hope to the despairing, does not give love to the needy soul, or open arms to the broken-hearted.
# Atheism does not seek to bring healing to any person.
# Atheism seeks to tear down Love and stop its flow into the hearts of the un-loved.

What is the use of giving false hope to anyone? Real hope comes from scientific advances. Real hope to cure the ill, lessen the pain, feed the hungers come from evidential based scientific research. Most scientists are atheists. They are the people giving real hope - not the false hope such as those from the religious.

Love is human basic characteristics. We don't need religion to tell us to love our parents, our family, respect and enjoy friends, obey common laws and basically be good. It is totally false for religious to claim any moral high ground. The fact that they believe in something which has no evidential support already indicates a lack of integrity. People in high offices within religious organisations are telling lie daily, pushing the parasitic theological doctrines to the common people, demanding blind following, sucking the followers' hard-earn money for their own luxury living. Tell me why Pope lives in a palance? Why many preachers fly in private jets and live in multi-million dollar mansions.

# Atheism does not intend to encourage the down-trodden.

Unlike religion, atheists do not oppress the common people. Oppressive behaviour of religion can be vividly observed today in many Islamic countries. Past horror during the Puritan era should not be forgotten either.

# During the 20th century, atheists (mostly communists, such as those who followed Stalin) slaughtered untold millions of Christians, Jews, and people of many other religions for the sake of their faith. This still goes on today in places like China.

People kill people to seek power, like the past and like the present. Don't forget millions of people during the crusades. Also don't forget the ex-USA President sent thousands of young Americans in harm's way - to invade Iraq, eg. - because he was allegedly told to do so by his god. Good people do good thing. Bad people do bad thing. It is only religion to have good people do bad thing!

# Atheism seeks to destroy the hope of Jesus Christ and take love away from a world of people in need of care. In the name of science they proclaim, "there is no God", "we evolved from slime", "the cosmos is an accident". Declaring as gods the foundations and fate of the universe, they ignore the needs of the hearts of men to know that there is a Divine Creator who loves them.

Atheism is not a synonym of Science. Atheists are people who do no belief in a god - whether it is Allah or Jesus because there is no evidence to demonstrate there is a god. Many atheists will be the first to convert to any religion which can demonstrate, with repeatable reliable evidence that god exists. Atheist does not need to proof there is no god. The burden of proof is with the people who claim there is a god. Just like you do not need to proof that there is a pink unicorn which just flied above your head does not exist.

The fundamental difference between scientific theories and religious dogmas is the ability to explain observable facts. Evolution and Big bang theories are not imaginary theories. They are based on evidences - many evidences from different angles, different places and different time. Once formulated, scientific theories are constantly being challenged both from within and outside to prove its validity. If a single valid evidence exists to contradict a theory, the theory will be abolished. Can religious dogmas survive similar scrutiny?

If everything needs a creator, who created the creator?

# Because an atheist got God banned from public schools, our children must pass through metal detectors on their way into school where they score worse and worse on educational tests and morals are at an all-time low. They must remember each day the school massacres of the past few years and wonder... if... when... where... who... Does anyone stop to think that this downward trend started the year God was banned from schools?

The proportion of inmates in prison shows a very interesting data. The fraction of religious inmates is basically similar to the population. BUT the fraction of atheists in prison is significantly less than the proportion in the population. How's that possible? Atheists are more morally law obeying citizens! American public schools need metal detectors in the entrance NOT because school sponsored prayers are banned. Students can pray in private in school as they like. Muddling the issue does not make it right.

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