30 October 2009

House excludes spiritual care from Health Care Reform bill

The Secular Coalition for America is thrilled that the House of Representatives has decided to remove language found in all three draft bills that would require private and public plans to cover the spiritual care of individuals with religious objections to medical care.
If this language had been included, tax payers would be forced to help foot the bill for this religion-based “care” – “care” offering no scientific evidence of effectiveness. "Care" which, in fact, endangers lives by placing government approval on non-scientific practices.

WOW. We must applaud the House of Representatives to right the wrong in the bill.

What is worrying is WHY such wording would have been in the bill in the first place. Given USA is one of the most "advanced" civilisation with massive quantity of weapon of mass destruction, should we not expect the law makers be of a higher standard than others? The fact that BS such as prayers be included as a tax-payer subsidized care plan in the first place sends chills down my spine? What this is telling me is than we are living in a very dangerous world. With so many apocalyptic wishful thinking religious fools, some even managed to put such BS into a bill for passing into law, one would wonder the chance of someone stupid enough to push the red button which will spell the end of the world as we know it today. That chance is obviously non-zero!

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