06 October 2009

Size of God's memory

God is omniscient; he knows everything. Here is an estimate of the size of brain needed to be omniscient.

Since god knows everything, god knows the position, speed, and the vector direction of ALL subatomic particles in the universe since the big bang 14 billion years ago to the end of time (another 33 billion years may be). Brian C. Holly estimated that god have to keep track of about 10128 facts, yes, 128 zeros after 1. The estimate was god would have a brain about the size of 1055 universes. WOW!

Since god created this universe, he must have knowledge about other possible candidate universes in order to make a judgement to create this one. God's brain must be much much larger than the estimated 1055 universes.

This post is labeled [bogus science] because the assumption god knows everything is bogus.

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