17 February 2009

You Can Lead a Christain to Evidence, but You Can't Make Him Think

I was reading the Excerpt on Amazon on a book titled similar to this post. [Big mistake on my part for wasting my time.] Here is part of one paragraph.

But it's more miraculous than the air just being there. It was fortunate the air was made up of 78.09 percent nitrogen and 20.95 percent oxygen - the exact mixture that his lungs and blood needed to survive. Without that oxygen Adam would have gasped, and his first breath would have been his last. What a miracle of chance that oxygen existed in just the right percentage to maintain Adam's life, and the life of his wide, whom we will ....

WOW, the author is completely uneducated on the concepts of evolution. By the way, 80-20 mix of N2 and O2 is not the necessary mixture to support life. Fish swim and breathe in water, which is obviously not that miraculous ratio! Recent deep sea discovery has found living organism based on Sulphur instead of oxygen.

We have evolved to live in this miraculous ratio!

Interesting question to ponder: Why deep sea diver breathe a mixture of Helium and Oxygen?

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