15 February 2009

Atheism for Beginners

I find it strange that we need a post like "Atheism for Beginners". If parents really care about their children and have given them the freedom to choose to belief or not, that, I think, would have been unnecessary. The fact that a lot of parents commit their children to a life-time of religious slavery is the biggest crime humanity is facing today. So a little primer to help to clear the misunderstanding is appropriate. Here are some titles of the resources included:
Atheism is the Absence of Belief in Gods
Atheism is Not a Religion or Ideology
Atheism is Not the Same as Communism
Atheism is Not a Choice or Act of Will
Atheism is Not Incompatible with Morality
Atheists Can Have Meaningful, Loving Lives
Atheism is Not a "Bad Bet"

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