24 February 2009

Who created God? (Answer)

Here is the answer to the "spot the error" challenge I posted yesterday.

Who created god? Man.

God is a 'gap filler'. When there are things which cannot be explained by the current understanding of the nature, man fills in the understanding gap with 'god'. Over the centuries, among different cultures, the concept of god, in one form or another exists. Typically, man would ask where is the universe come from? what would happen after death? Invoking a supernatural being could, temporarily, cure the thirst of knowledge and enable man to continue with the other immediate tasks for survival. No doubt these were difficult questions. Using god as an answer to such questions is just lazy answer and contribute nothing further.

Back to the video, what is the logical fallacy invoked by the video? Answer: The setting up of a false dilemma. Here are the claims:
x: Everything came from nothing
y: Something always existed and created everything
Since x is false, therefore y is true!

The whole argument is another variation of the first principle - the question of the beginning.

We are yet to understand anything before the big bang, but using god as a filler contributes nothing to the understanding or lack of.

The video's last part (from a god to a personal god) is a hasty connection - badly connected. Bible predicts the future???? Where is the evidence?

It is still the same question to the video maker - who created god?

The quest will continue. Stopping at god as a filler is intellectually lazy and irresponsible.

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