11 February 2009

Pastor's self reflection?

You make me say it has a post on a preacher commenting on the commercials of Superbowl. Like him, I am inserting my comments after his.

"The commercials are selling us things and I want people in the church to think about what they're being sold"

[PhillyChief] Does that include thinking about what they're being sold in church?
[me] At least commercials are selling things, better than the church selling un-supported century old myths.

"What it got me thinking about was those habits in our lives that we know are self-destructive and are bad for us, but we do them anyway, "

[PhillyChief] Like praying for help rather than being proactive, preferring make-believe over reality, willful ignorance, and general gullibility?

[me] Going to church is a prefect example!

"Are we letting the media affect and rule our lives, or are we letting our faith do that?"

[PhillyChief] Pick your poison. I'm not sure which is worse.

[me] The missing choice, which is the correct answer, is evidence-based inquiry and logical decisions should be the base of our living and behaviour.

"I was taught that if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say it."

[PhillyChief] I think pointing out the inherent harm in religious belief is a very nice thing to do, like warning people of the dangers of smoking, alcohol, drugs, and over eating.

[me] Unfortunately, telling the truth such as "god does not exist" is a not nice thing to say to some, but is absolutely necessary to cure many of the evils of the modern society.

"When after life has passed you do & will find out there is 1 & only 1 true God you can't say you weren't told so."

[PhillyChief] Certainly not. I've been told by Muslims, Jews, various Christian sects, and other religions. I wonder which one might be right, if any? Who do you think will have it worse if there's an afterlife, the ones who didn't believe in any god, or the ones who believed in the wrong one? Hmmm...

[me] After I die, there will be nothing. There is no god, period. Enjoy life while you can. You can only live once!

"Where do you think that we all came from???"

[PhillyChief] How is it that if one can't definitively answer that, then the answer MUST BE a magical being of infinite power, knowledge and goodness willed into being all of reality, pulled the first man out of the ground, fashioned the first woman by ripping out one of that man's ribs, set them into a garden of perfection from which they were evicted for being tricked into eating a forbidden apple by a talking snake, and forever after humanity must bow and worship this being's son (who is also him) who was "sacrificed" (he got better) so we don't have to suffer hell for any "sin" we commit or for the "sin" of that first man and woman? How does one get from A to B there, old timer?

[me] We are the fortunate generation that at this point of the evolution, we are able to enjoy the fruit of the hard work accumulated from our ancestors. Where do I come from? From my mother's belly with the help from my father's sperm, you dumb dumb!

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