23 February 2009

I was angry..

I was very angry when Pentecostal church's leader, Pastor Danny Nalliah blamed the Victoria Bush Fire that has killed 209 people (figure is the confirmed death up today), thousands people homeless and hundreds of homes lost on Victoria's passing the law to make abortion legal. I hate people trying to score political points on other's misfortune.

Daniel Florien comments today:
He’s [Danny Nalliah] actually right about that. The God of the Bible enjoys punishing people who had nothing to do with the reason he’s smiting them. To give one example, when Pharaoh didn’t let the Israelites go, the Bible says God killed all the firstborns in Egypt — including the animals. If you look to the God of the Bible for lessons in morality, you’re going to be pretty screwed up.

And if you ask me, a person who blames fires on abortion is pretty screwed up.

For those claiming that the bible/god is the source of moral for human society, I would ask them to read the bible closely. Using the god in old testament as a moral standard, this world will be thrown right back to the dark ages. The current commonly accepted moral standards is way higher than whatever was described in those books written thousands of years ago.

Religious leaders should be banned for providing moral viewpoints in public policy and debate. If they want to lobby for their viewpoint, fine! But keep it that way. Religion has no better moral input than any intelligent and honest human being. In fact, the great many hypocrisies shown by so many so called religious leaders actually point to the direction that they are less able to provide any moral judgment than a one year old.

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