18 December 2008

You Are Wrong! You Are *So* Wrong!

Hemant Mehta in Friendly Atheist points out how Megyn Kelly defends the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s atheist plaque in Olympia, Washington and yells at Bill O’Reilly — repeatedly — for being wrong.

The main problem I see in this youTube video is how a TV host, being religious, stubbornly refuses to admit he is wrong. Megyn, being a lawyer and Bill knows that, and has done her research pointed out repeatedly the law behind the decision. How can a TV host, being NOT a lawyer, continues to say otherwise.

As a RedneckSkippy pointed out in a comment on youTube :
Wait... Bill... was arguing what? I can't tell if he was open minded or close minded. Past experience says close minded... but this was just so confusing, and they kept switching sides.... if he was being open minded on purpose.... my fellow humans, I fear the end times are upon us.

Is this a typical "close minded" feature of theists?

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