20 December 2008

I don't believe in jail!

Ray Comfort wrote
If a man throws a shoe at a dog, nothing much happens. However, if he throws a shoe at a Head of State and calls him a "dog," something big happens. The perpetrator is arrested and may face up to 17 years in prison. His crime escalates, according to whom it is committed against. This may be a strange thing to have to explain, but the man goes to jail even if he doesn’t believe that jail exists.

There are three issues here that should be considered separately:
1. Should we throw a shoe towards someone?
2. Is it fair to escalate the action only because the throwee just happens to be someone in a higher office?
3. Does jail exist?

Since the rest of Ray's post deals with point 3 above, let us address that as well.

Does jail exist? Yes, because we can prove that by showing you the jail.

Does god exist? No, unless you can prove that by showing me god.

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