10 December 2008

What if you were wrong?

In debates, I was often asked what if I were wrong?

I based my atheism on reasoning.

1. There are many religions which claim their god is the true god. So, I have a problem in choosing whose god to believe.
2. There is absolutely no evidence which convinces me that there is a god. If you have one, I would love to hear from you.
3. For those who argue that evolution cannot result in complex organism such as human, so there must be a god to create us in the first place. I would like to know your answer to "who created god?"
4. If there were a god, I would definitely believe in one who is better than the one described in the old testament.

Now, let me ask the same question to you, especially those evangelists preaching about your god. What if you were wrong? When did you last check whether what you are preaching is true?

You may argue that what you believe is true because the Bible said so AND the Bible is the words of god. Did you check that the Bible is REALLY the words of god, not just imagination of some men died thousands of years ago? If you have done that, please send me some proof. Again I am open for you to convince.



1 有許多宗教聲稱它們的神是真正的神。所以,我不知道應信哪一個神。
2 直至現在沒有任何證據證明神的存在。如果有,我會非常樂意聽你的。
3 對於那些認為誰進化不能創作人這樣複雜的機體,因此必須有一個神來創造我們,我想知道“誰創造神”
4 如果有一個神,我肯定認為這個神會優於舊約所述的一個。



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