12 December 2008

The Ungrateful Christian Parents

via You Made Me Say It

Mail Online has a report on an accident which happened to a 20-month Nicholas Holderman.
Somehow he managed to fall on to his parents’ car keys, one of which pierced his eyelid and penetrated deep into his brain as these X-ray scans reveal. Miraculously the American tot has since made a full recovery. [my emphasis]

This was indeed a miracle.

The question is whose miracle was it?

The ungrateful father thanked the "Lord":
'Fifteen minutes later for another [doctor] to say nothing was wrong, we knew it was a miracle from the Lord', Chris added.

PhillyChief of You Made Me Say It put that into a correct prospective:
What kind of sick fuck of a god jams a key into a kid's eye just to have a moment later after everyone's been properly terrified and a kid made to suffer to have a little "miracle"? Are you kidding me? What, is he sitting around thinking he's gotta do something to remind people how awesome he is and decides, "I know, I'll jam a key into some tot's brain, but make sure he doesn't have any permanent damage. Yeah, that's the ticket!"?

So let's thank the emergency crews, the whole 911 system, the helicopter crew, and of course the surgeons at the hospital.

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