13 March 2009

What if there really is no god?

Daniel Florien asks the believers for an honest answer:
So we’re pretending that God doesn’t exist. What do you do? Do you throw away your current life to embrace drugs? Wreck your marriage and sleep with whores? Quit your job and go out and steal? Kill and rape people?

I have been an atheist all my life and hence I am not qualified to answer. I firmly believe that there is no god.

But I have been living an honest life, happily married to my only girl friend who has been my wife for 30+ years. I never have an affair, and we have raised a decent child. Needless to say, I have never raped anyone (pretending to rape my wife as a sexual fantasy may be the exception). I have killed some animals either because they were spreading diseases or for food (oops, a few for scientific experiments too). I have not kill any human yet. At the moment, I am taking quite a bit of drugs - to control my blood pressure and depression.

Religion as a moral standard is a joke! The bible may be morally advanced 2000 years ago. In today's standard, churches represent the repressing hypocrites.

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