12 March 2009

Rationality back in politics

I am really glad to see politics getting free from the non-sense ideologies of the religious.

USA president had lifted the ban of the use of hundreds of new embryonic stem cell lines which *may* lead to treatment of major disorder such as Parkinson's disease and spinal injuries.

Yesterday, the Australian Federal government has overturned a ban (imposed by the Howard government in 1996) that prohibits using Australian foreign aid to support abortion in overseas nations.
The UN estimates that universal family planning could save the lives of as many as 175,000 women each year, Mr Smith said, adding about 68,000 women die annually as a result of unsafe abortions. [source]

Government policies should be made based on sound evidence. In both cases, no one is supporting the murdering of life. In the first case, embryonic stem cells from IVF treatment will be discarded after a certain of time. Why not use it for some human good. [I don't know exactly how the lines of available stem cells are defined. Here in Australia, I believe scientists in some states can use stem cells left over from IVF treatment.] In the second case, abortion is a hard decision for the woman already. When such a choice has been made, we don't need to make the process worse by forcing these poor women to go to illegal and often poor facility to do that.

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