28 March 2009

Some highlights from comments to Evolution: A Fairy Tale For Grownups

Deborah Drapper's post generated 333 responses (at the time I read the post), Here are some interesting snippets from the comments: [my headings]

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!
99.999% of mutations are harmful..Mutations are usually deformities

Wrong! Most mutations don’t affect genes that encode for proteins, so they have absolutely no effect on the organism.

[mutations] are some modification of the genes that are already there.

Wrong! Genetic drift doesn’t modify gene sequences that “are already there”.

nobody goes to get X-Rays without a lead shield

Wrong! Everybody goes for their x-rays without a lead shield. X-ray pictures don’t look very interesting otherwise…

[evolution must explain] indeed how does non-life bvecome life

Wrong! Evolution has nothing to say about how life began.

Creationism and Darwinism co-existing, not!
the thing is that the Bible does not leave that option open. It starts off with “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” The Bible has man created, then through rebellion, death and sin enter the world. Evolution has millions of years of death and “struggle” before man. Jesus says in John 14:6 that He is the only way to God. Jesus also claims to be God. He doesn’t leave the option open to be a good teacher… He was either God or crazy. So in my opinion it is either creation or evolution not a mix.

Multiple Designers -> multiple gods
What is actually more probable is that MULTIPLE GODS created the universe.

If we stumbled across the remains of an ancient city, we wouldn’t ask “which PERSON build this?” but “which PEOPLE built this?” Without exception all non-trivial designs have been the work of more than one designer. Even the greatest solo inventors depend upon work undertaken by their peers and previous generations.

Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that the universe *was* created by Intelligent Design, as Christians suggest — we cannot know how many designers were involved. Now, if you’re basing your thinking on “which it more probable” (to quote the above) then it would be much much much safer to make the working assumption that there were MULTIPLE DESIGNERS — multiple gods.

Of course you could argue that we cannot make assumptions about the design of the universe based upon the designs we see inside the universe, but even if that is so, we’re still left (in our ignorance) with a straight 50/50 chance between single and multiple designer gods.

So, a question to Christians… you claim the reason the universe must be designed is it is far far too complex to have arisen naturally, yet the greater the complexity the greater the likelihood for multiple designers. Where, therefore, is your independent proof that there is ONLY ONE designer (only one god)…?

WOW, there are lots of information and mis-information. How can one sort out the truth? Trust your bible or trust your scientific method?

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