04 October 2010

Today's Catholic Church

Nothing reveals more than a speech by its leader, the recent visit of the Pope to UK unveiled what it sees as its main threat nowadays.

It is neither the exponential growth of Islamic worshippers in Western societies due to immigration, nor the church’s continuous loss of (active) members, nor the lack of ‘Christian values’ in European and American society that threatens its status. Rather something more terrifying and frightening lies at the core of Benedict’s concerns: the rise of secularism.

The Pope is probably right that reasons, logic, human values and science are the main threat to the church's survival. The church has dogmatically rejects human progress. If the church's moral values are adopted unchanged and unchallenged, we shall see the world's human population explode due to its ban of contraceptives. We shall continue to see women being suppressed as lesser members of the society as exemplified by the strict requirement of owning a penis( but its proper use is forbidden) as the main criteria of entering the higher order of this church.

The Catholic church is in its last years. Will it die a peacefully? I doubt that.

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