15 October 2010

Separation of Church and Government

The latest survey by PEW forum on religion and public life came out. Increasing number of people in USA believed that your president is a Muslim (from 11% in March 2009 to 18% in August 2010)- what a joke! Something is very wrong.

First, the religious belief of a political leader should NOT be an issue - but it was and still is. Second, some propaganda machinery must be at work to paint an Islamic image onto Obama and the fact that the public opinion can be changed by such propaganda says a lot about the unsophisticated American public. Third, the perception of Obama's religion is linked to his job approval.

There is one good sign, among all these bad news is that more people is saying that churches should keep out of politics. Similarly, more is also saying churches should keep out of expressing views on social and political questions.

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