17 October 2010

Celebration of Stupidity

Hiding behind a discussion of the problem of evil, Dan celebrated stupidity. His whole argument can basically be broken down into:
1. The bible says there is a god which is all powerful, all good and there is evil.
2. Evil has affected our ability to understand it properly.
3. Because of the existence of evil (which we do not know why there is evil in the perfect universe god created for us), we are locked into a dark room such that we cannot even see the door nob.
4. Finally, and I quote "Do you trust your own reasoning abilities so much that you can say that you are not in that locked dark room, Mr. Atheist? Or do you rather trust, although you can't understand it, although its a mystery to you, that you can put yourself in the hands of an all good, all powerful God and say 'His wisdom is above my wisdom, and I trust Him for the outcome.'"

If everyone is as stupid as Dan and is as willing as Dan to subject himself into non-thinking, religion has achieved its objective of controlling people and people's minds. An all power and all god cannot create a world with no evil? The god lets the evil in and blame the people he created on accepting the evil. That's a kind of "loving" god I must say!

Dan is right:
Ultimately this is a question of authority. The authority of the Atheist's logical powers verses God' logical powers. Atheists are using their logical powers to show there is no God, logically speaking.

The key of the argument is the bible - a set of books written by men in the desert some 2000 years ago claiming that there is a god. This set of books were written, edited and selected to achieve political objectives - to control the common people. It is really a miracle that it still works today.

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