09 October 2010

Nobel Peace 2010 Prize and Dogmatism

This year's Nobel Peace Prize went to Liu XiaBoo (刘晓波), a human right activist known for his peaceful protests for China's Human Right and Freedom. He is currently in jail for a crime against the National interest based on what he published several years ago. That's a kind of "thought crime" which I strongly oppose.

Dictatorship, communism in particular, is a form of dogma that hinders human progress. Religious dogmas do *exactly* the same. In Matthew 5, Jesus talked about thought crime and condemn people having thoughts of anger and lust. That is ridiculous. The important thing is NOT the thought itself. It is whether such thought leads to action and how the action will be carried out. Liu XiaBoo wants to improve democracy, human rights and freedom of speech. He took a peaceful approach, he is against violence. While he is in jail, his actions have been noted internationally. That's a good thing. However, the award of Nobel Peace Prize would not get him out of jail soon. It will be the collective pressure and social advances that will improve Chinese human condition.

As China becomes the super power in 21st century, her human right condition will improve, albeit much slower than anyone would like. At the moment, the Chinese Government is single-mindedly focussing on economic development. People in the eastern provinces have improved their living condition significantly. However most living in the inner provinces are still surviving close to poverty line. There is still a long way to go. The income inequality is increasing. Unless the Chinese government can have effective measure to reduce the inequality, social unrest is almost a certainty.

As peaceful people, Chinese will continue to fight for their human rights, freedom and democracy via peaceful means. Nobel Prize committee has given these activists a recognition they deserved for a long time.

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