07 April 2010

Reality and circular logic

This is a comment I posted on a discussion thread on Amazon;

Yes, everyone has illusion, delusion and lapses of logic. On the issue of god, many have thought about it seriously. The conclusion that there is no god is not a delusion and not a lapse of logic. There is simply no evidence for existence of god.

We can form our world view two ways (for the purpose of this discussion)
1. based on a circular logic that god exists (god exists because the bible said so. the bible is the words of god)
2. based on evidence which are observation of reality

Forming one's world view basing on 1 above is your choice. USA constitution has the beauty that everyone has the right to be stupid. However, the dissociation of the religious from reality are sources for ridicule which again is protected by the USA constitution.

If we condense 13.7 billion years of the history of the universe into 1 year, modern science has occurred for about 1 second. There are many things we still do not know. We can either honestly accept this reality (we do not have answer to a lot of things) or we can lie to ourselves that everything we need to know is already known. However, as science progressively build a better understanding of reality, the number of things which previously were explained in the bible began to shrink. What are left in religion today are dogma and many claims which require huge mental juggernaut for reconciling. Noah ark is a good example of how impossible it would be to argue that it would be built using wood and large enough to house 2 of every kind of animals. Noah lived to "matured 900 years" is another source for comedy. Killing innocent babies, killing 42 children for the crime of laughing at someone's baldness (2 King 2:23-24) are just impossible to defend as moral acts.

Of course, for this thread of discussion, demanding people to prove a negative is REALLY a lapse of logic.

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