10 April 2010

The holely books

I cannot speak for god. What the best I can do is to reason what a god would do when it dictates a set of books for human to model.

1. Being all knowing, god should expect that some time in the future, there will be people who challenge the truth in the books. For an intelligent god, actually for us as well, is to tell the truth - however incomprehensible it may sound (after all the stories in the books are incomprehensible anyway). So the creation story should start like (it takes 13.7 billion years for the earth on which human will leave). Even better would be to give a more accurate time (say to 10 decimal places or even more).

2. If the book is to be interpreted metaphorically, would it not be wise to state so at the beginning, at least will avoid misunderstanding?

3. Would it be wise to dictate to a group which will have more population? China or India?

4. Would it be wise to dictate to the most civilised society at the time?

5. In turns of timing, would it be better to appear today (instead of 2000+ years ago) when human has the ability to spread the truth much faster and more efficient?

6. After dictating the books, why leave us?

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