23 April 2010

Catholic church

On a thread titled: Having Tried Blaming Victims and Jews Already, Vatican Settles on Homosexuality as the Cause of Church Abuse Scandal, the very patient Michael Altarriba explains again:
"Well all atheism...by its very definition....... is hate."

Atheism is the lack of a particular belief... the belief in the existence of Deities. That is all that atheists have in common, the lack of that one belief. Otherwise, the set of atheists are as diverse as any other group of people. Blanket statements about atheists are as likely to be valid as blanket statements about people who don't collect stamps... which is to say, not at all.

"It exists to hate, to justify hate and provide excuses for vile acts in the name of that hate. Without that hate, atheism is an empty thing devoid of life."

Again, it isn't even a belief... it's the *lack* of one. How can a simple lack of one belief "exist to hate", "justify hate", or "provide excuses for vile acts"? Which acts would those be?

This accusation just doesn't make any sense.

"And the funny thing is by devoting so much time and energy to that hate.....hence this thread for example...atheists simply prove the hypocrisy and fallacy of what they say they believe."

At the moment, I'm trying to counter the slander and misinformation inherent in this post.

"It is not that God exists that drives them to a frenzy but that he does."

Given that I lack a belief in the existence of Deities, any of the thousands which humans have worshiped (including the one referred to here as "God"), I could hardly be driven into a frenzy by something which doesn't exist. Now, the actions of a *few* theists, those do annoy me, even anger me on occasion... but I remain frenzy-free.

"If they truly believed that God did not exist then this thread would not exist."

What does my lack of belief in the existence of Deities have to do with my outrage over an organization which, as an institution, knowingly hid evidence that some individuals were likely to have molested children, knowingly attempted to blame the victims, and knowingly moved these individuals around, allowing them to find new victims.

I'd say that was worthy of outrage... wouldn't you?

"All their shrieking and poison would cease."

Shrieking? Poison? If anything, it is posts like the one to which I respond which deserve such a description.

"The Attacks on the Catholic Church and the Jews. All of it."

Don't you think an organization which aided and abetted the abuse of children should be called to account? I certainly do.

"A normal person does not expend so much effort on a nullity."

Child abuse is hardly a nullity.

"A normal person would just get on with their lives."

One wonders if you would give this advice to the victims as well...

"It would like me starting a thread on why THREE'S COMPANY was a terrible show or why I hate football."

You must be new to the internet. Discussions like these get started all the time.

"Why would a normal person do that?"

Curiosity? Interest? Entertainment?

"Do not watch football. Do not watch THREE'S COMPANY."

Not everyone agrees with you. Indeed, I'd say that most people don't.

"Ah but our Atheists and Gay Agenda friends, they are at war with an enemy and by being at war with that enemy they show the falsity of their stated beliefs."

I'm "at war" with ignorance, prejudice, discrimination, injustice.

"So yes of course they respond with anger and hostility. That is all there is.

You're the one who seems to be in a frenzy here...

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