02 April 2010

God's killing

We all know that the christian god is blood thirsty. How many has god killed? Steve Wells at Dwindling in Unbelief did a tally, about 2.4 millions. Some of the comments are really interesting:

You will rightfully burn in the realm of nothingess forever when you die you silly fool; unless you get out of that shallow paradox you think you're so smart in and start believing in the One and Only God that created you and gave you a choice to acceot It or deny It in the fist place. And if you deny It, you will be destroyed by your own making. All Satan did was feed you many lies and prove you are an obvious sucker that has bought into this shallow thinking. Lies and people kill people, not God, not guns. Suckers like you do deserve death. But you can also save yourself by believing in Who Jesus said He was. I feel sorry for your shallow, tainted brain. - Anonymous

WOW so christian, don't even have the backbone to put in a name!

"SoldierUnderCommand said...
The question you did not ask was; Is God justified in killing these people.
If God is who He says He is, then He is justified in all that He does. He is the ultimate standard for what is just and unjust.
He can kill who He pleases and is righteous in doing it."

If we are to follow the bible as a moral guide, what should we do? Kill like god or not? Not a good guide for human co-operation and mutual survival, I would say.

The reason that parents cannot kill their sons is because we live in a world of laws.

This one really scares the shit out of me. What does s/he mean "because we live in a world of laws". In other words, without our human laws, this being is ready to kill its off spring! If this is an indication of the typical christian world view, we are in deep shit!

I like the following:
It is bad enough that god takes credit for killing two million plus people in the old testament, but in the new testament he must top himself by promising to send billions of unbelievers into eternal suffering after death. What a wonderful expression of love??

The count given by Stephen is in the bible, one of the commenter asks if we know how many were killed, for real, by this religion, in the name of this god. Some one suggested this link.

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