10 January 2009

Strawman argument

Dan +†+ of Debunking Atheists wrote:

An argument I heard over at Narrow Mind made it clear, in the Atheistic worldview someone could rape and murder you with no fear of anything bad happening to them if they are not caught by people. [1] Objective morality just doesn't exist in the atheists worldview.[2] If someone rejects Christianity they will end up, if their honest and consistent, at the bottom with radical skepticism. All bets are off and all up for grabs. Completely arbitrary moral system; it's going to be pick and choose. [3] People don't live like that though, we go to school and turn in papers on time so you can get the grade. With the Atheistic worldview, school doesn't matter; grades don't matter; education doesn't matter; nothing matters with that worldview. [4] It could all be a mirage or an illusion even, it could all be a waste of time. Along with that, there is no answer for origins of life. If fact, they don't know if they themselves even exist. It's a sad worldview when you don't even know if you yourself exists. You cannot say you are infallibly and inherently sure if 2+2=4 even. [5] If atheism is true then Christianity is pretty ridiculous [6] but again, if you're honest, you have no way of knowing that for sure, you have no way of knowing anything is true. [7] Christianity, on the other hand, is completely compatible with reality, [8] relative to Radical Skepticism.

[1] God does not exist. Just check how many clergymen committed raping and still can face the congregation until the rape (some times directed to young children) was revealed in public. I suppose these clergymen know the story of Hell well enough. Yet, they commit such crimes. Eternal punishment really work? You must be kidding.

[2] Atheist world view does not imply letting loose and trying to commit every possible crime. We are born moral. Human babies depend on adult's moral instinct to nurture before they can even walk. Without such moral instinct, human would not have developed into today's society. I have been reading the bible, starting from Genesis, and so far I found the god depleted in the bible immoral and awful. What kind of moral standard can religion which bases on such an awful god come up?

[3] Talking about 'pick and choose', that's exactly what bible school from churches are doing!

[4] Curiosity and willingness to learn has nothing to do with whether one believes in god or not. Rather I find most atheists are keen learners, willing to consider new ideas and apply reason and logic.

[5] 2+2=4. If you want to understand why 2+2=4, read Eudoxian theory of proportion. (Yes the theory was developed before Jesus was allegedly born).

[6] Christianity is pretty ridiculous, I agree!

[7] How to you know something is true or not? This is a question philosophers have been answering for centuries. Check it out. One thing for sure is that a theory cannot be proven true. A theory can only be proven wrong, e.g. by a counter example. The burden of proof of any claim lies on the claiming party. If you say god exist, it is YOUR burden to prove that god really exists. Otherwise it is false (and is illegal as you are misleading the public especially if you have been using such an unsubstantiated claim for your personal good). So, prove to me god exists and I will convert.

[8] So call religious leaders are stubbornly opposing today's scientific and technological development, e.g. in stem cell research, cloning, ... Religion is totally irrelevant today.

Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful. - Seneca the Younger

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