01 January 2009

Eat first or proselytize first?

The First Reformed Church of Hackensack obviously thinks that proselytizing is more important than feeding the homeless as reported here and here.

What is your opinion? Here are some comments by Friendly Atheist's readers [my comment in square brackets]:

On the one hand you’ve got great people doing great things, like feeding hungry people. On the other you’ve got jerks who see hunger as a tool for proselytization. Both groups are Christians. [or do they have the same moral value judgement, especially the jerks who see the hunger as a tool is the paster of the church!]

Using the promise of food to get hungry people to go to church and pray is sadly not at all uncommon. It seems that many missionary organizations base their work on it. [ditto for marriage too!]

That’s why I am not fond of religious charities. There’s always an ulterior motive. [That's why I suggest we should remove the tax exemption status of churches and the like. Church is a BUSINESS!]

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