24 January 2009

Religion Vs Science

Here is a typical religious argument: Eternal Everything? and the following is a physicist's presentation of the latest superstring theory:

As you watch the video, whether you understand the physics behind it or not, you can notice the frequent 'track back', questioning whether the theory works or not. A beautiful theory will be rejected if it cannot be used to predict things that happens in the real world. The idea of more than 3 dimension (plus time) was once rejected although it can produce both the gravitational force and electromagnetic force models (about 5:00), it cannot produce prediction for example of the mass of electrons.

At this moment, superstring theory is at a similar stage. Can we test the theory to see whether it is true or not? AND experiments are actually designed and being carried as I am writing these sentences.

Compare that to the theological argument. Not to mention the lack of logic, no theological theory has ever passed a single test. The idea of designing ways of testing god exists or not was considered "lack of faith".

The example quoted above lacks consistent logic as well. Even if god exists, it is NOT necessarily the god in the old testament. There is absolutely no evidence that god exists. There is no effect on this universe whether god exists or not. The argument of the existence of god is 'reluctant'.

Some may argument that religion provides an objective moral standard. Well this can be reputed too easily. Many civilisations existed before Christianity. These societies operated well at that time. Moral is a changing yardstick. Old testament supports slavery, treat woman as a property, conflicts were resolved by brutal force. Today, these are considered barbaric actions and do not fit the modern standard of morality.

The moral standard, if any, set by the god in old testament is so bad no modern human should even give it a thought. Moral is developed as part of the evolution of human and will continue to develop. Just as the understanding of the universe is being advanced and hence we can enjoy a much better living than generations before us.

Today, as in centuries ago, organised religion is hindering the progress of human civilisation. It is time for us to grow up and throw away these silly ideas and think logically, evidence-based and with reasons.

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