06 January 2009

Common Sense

Is there anything wrong with relying on your common sense?

Within walking distances, the Earth is flat, common sense. Would you hence reject the notion that the Earth is actually "spherical"?

Ray Comfort ridiculed this short clip

Lady, water does not burn. Get it? That’s basic science. You know nothing of the disciplines of exact science. [Ray Comfort]

Unfortunately, if you have followed the "common sense" to pour water over a burning oil pan, disaster strikes.

"Common sense" is good only to a certain extend. Knowing the limitation to which common sense would apply and would not apply is as important as relying on common sense to make our daily decisions. For walking purposes, we can approximate the Earth to be flat. Yes, water does not burn. Water and oil do not mix too. When you pour water over boiling oil, it will help to spill the oil everywhere and hence spread the fire. [That's basic science which Ray obviously failed to understand and comprehend.] For most fire (not involving liquid or electricity), water is used for fire-fighting. Water may also be used to cool down burning gas. But never pour water over burning oil pans!

Ray has a very good quote today. "But math teachers cannot demonstrate anything to someone who is unreasonable. If an unreasonable person (for some reason) wanted to change the definition of the number 2, and then say that the second 2 was not the same quantity as the first, you have a stalemate. To argue any logic, you need both parties to be reasonable." Bingo, Ray you finally got it. Now come to the table and be reasonable. Show me evidence of the existence of god and I will convert! Reason and logic dictates that you show me the evidence (not me to prove the non-existence) of god.

By the way, "common sense" is NOT evidence!

Parodising Ray:
The clip is a classic example of a straw man. It reveals your hypocrisy. If you really cared about people, you wouldn’t spend your time lying about the existence of god, something you do not have any evidence.

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