14 November 2008

Why I want to do this?

I am a self proclaimed atheist and have an aggressive attitude towards religion. Basically, I don't believe in any god and look upon religious evangelists as social scrum who prey upon the weak. They are either too stupid to understand that god does not exist or they, for some self-interest, keep on telling lies all day everyday.

Recently, my father was baptized while in hospital. That makes almost all members of my family Christian (except me and next younger sister). Other sisters and brother insisted that I have misunderstood the bible.

I am now taking up a challenge to read the bible in details and commenting from an atheist's point of view. My brother and sisters also promise to engage in a gentleman-like discussion on issues raised by my post on the bible. They hope that this can convert me to a Christian while I hope I can rescue them from the grip of religion.

Rule of engagement
So, for all the post I am going to put up here, comments are welcome. However, I will delete any comment which make personal attacks, either to me or to any other people posting comments.

You are free to post comment in English or Chinese. But please expect responses in either of the languages as well.

After a post is made, I will try to be diligent and respond to comments about that post for a week. I may not respond to comment after one week as I have, most likely, posted a few more posts.

There is no point for me to repeat the bible text in this blog. However, I will provide link(s) to the section which I am commenting. Your comment should also base upon the same text. If you think I have made a bad choice from various online versions of the bible, please suggest a version which you think is more appropriate and explain the difference between my choice and your recommendation. If I found the difference is significant enough, I may choice to comment on the text based on the recommendation.

Final words before starting

I am making a genuine effort to read the bible line by line and word by word. I will be critically commenting and writing how I feel after reading that text. Please bear in mind that I am an atheist and I started by treating bible as a fiction. While I will not be commenting on the linguistic quality of the writing, I will comment on the trustworthiness and potential of being true of each of the text. I will also make comment on the moral aspect of the text from my point of view. You are welcome to disagree with me. But you must also respect my disagreement with you.

Let start by acknowledging the fact that I disagree with most of the ideas in the bible. Can you convince me to change my mind?

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