19 November 2008

Genesis 4

source http://nasb.scripturetext.com/genesis/4.htm

This chapter starts to describe the descendants of Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve have two sons, one (Abel) kept animals and the other (Cain) grew fruits. God only likes the offering from Abel (animals). Why? Because god knows that Cain will be jealous and killed his brother Abel?

If yes, isn't it a trap again? Cain killed Abel out of jealous which is a result of god's bias towards Abel. Being all knowing and all mighty, why god does not prevent it from the first place by being fair to both?

If no, god is NOT all knowing and all mighty.

Either way, the bible is self contradictory about god is/is not all knowing.

Either way, the bible describes a god who is a 'shit-stirrer'.

Also, if Adam and Eve were the only two human created by god, where is the other woman come from to marry Adam and Eve's sons?

Did god created more human? If yes, why condemn all human to sinner because only those descendants from Adam and Eve have the "original sin" because Adam and Eve have eaten the forbidden fruit. The rest of human should all still be in the garden of Eden.

Genesis is a poorly plotted fiction!

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